Hilaire Rehab & Nursing

9 Hilaire Drive Huntington New York (631) 427-0254

Hilaire Rehab & Nursing is one of many nursing homes in New York located in Huntington, NY and can be reached on the phone by calling (631) 427-0254. The home is located within a hospital. They are about 88% occupied. Hilaire Rehab & Nursing accepts medicare and medicaid. The facility is below to New York's average certified bed count of 185.83. The Hilaire Rehab & Nursing facility is a lot below to New York's average residents per facility of 171.39.


Quality Measures
Nurse Staffing
Health Inspection
Rated by Department of Health and Human Service

Hilaire Rehab & Nursing Nursing Home Details

Number of Certified Beds 76
Total Residents 67
Continuing Care NO
Special Focus Facility NO
Resident Family Councils YES

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