Harmony Manor Hgh Snf

118 East Haskell St Winnemucca Nevada (775) 623-5222

Harmony Manor Hgh Snf is one of many nursing homes in Nevada located in Winnemucca, NV and can be reached on the phone by calling (775) 623-5222. The home is located within a hospital. They are about 100% occupied. Harmony Manor Hgh Snf accepts medicare and medicaid. The facility is a lot below to Nevada's average certified bed count of 116.29. The Harmony Manor Hgh Snf facility is a lot below to Nevada's average residents per facility of 95.13.


Quality Measures
Nurse Staffing
Health Inspection
Rated by Department of Health and Human Service

Harmony Manor Hgh Snf Nursing Home Details

Number of Certified Beds 30
Total Residents 30
Continuing Care NO
Special Focus Facility NO
Resident Family Councils YES

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